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Executive Chef Details

  • $15,000,000 Tacoshack Cash
  • Customer Bot in your server
  • 2x Cash from Work and Tips
  • $100,000 Betting Max
  • 3s Game Cooldown
  • 8m Work Cooldown
  • 4m Tip Cooldown
  • Rank Command
  • 120 Character Slogan Limit
  • Custom Donator Role
  • Access to Donator Channels

Executive Chef

$15.00 USD

Rewards are normally issued immediately, however it can take up to 24 hours.

or purchase as a gift

*How to find a Discord User ID

By donating to the bot you are agreeing that you understand:

  • All donations go towards the the bot’s hosting bills and supporting the developers.
  • Follow all instructions provided or your donation can be invalidated.
  • Refunds will be given out on a case to case basis (accidents/usage/assignment of rewards, etc.). Refunds will not be issued if you have spent the TacoShack Cash received from the package.
  • If you would like to request a refund, you must place a request (via dm) to Cole#7575 within 48 hours of your donation, and failure to make an attempt at this within the allocated time will result in your request being denied. You must have your transaction ID to request a refund.


  1. Read the Disclaimer next to this
  2. Find which package you would like.
  3. Follow the link in the package’s section.
  4. Login with Discord or enter your ID manually to receive the rewards. To get your ID, follow this guide or ask in the Support Server.
    4.1 To gift a package, enter the recipients ID rather than your own. 
  5. If you do not receive your rewards within 30 minutes, or you are upgrading, please DM Cole#7575 or Albert#0002.
  6. If you would like the Cash sent to your Mall Shack, Beach Shack or City Shack: If you own a Mall/Beach/City Shack, the bot will send you a DM after you donate, asking which Location you would like your money sent, so make sure to check Discord after you donate.


  • You can upgrade anytime you wish, if you want to gain the full rewards of the package you wish to upgrade to, just follow the “Making a donation” instructions.
  • If you wish to pay only the package cost difference we can give you the reward difference, if you wish to do this, contact Cole#7575.


  • Contact Cole#7575 within 48 hours of you donating.