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Frequently Asked Questions

Use /found to create your taco shack! You will then shown more information.

Yes, use /rename [new name] to change the name of your taco shack!

Hourly Income – You can view your hourly income in your shack info using /shack 
↬ Hourly income can be increased by hiring employees & purchasing upgrades/ads/decor
Work – Use /work to make some money and cook tacos. Cooldown: 10 minutes.
Tips – Use /tips to make some side cash. Cooldown: 5 minutes
Work & tip cooldowns can be lowered, check out donate for more info.
Overtime – If you’re in a franchise – use /overtime to make some more money! Cooldown: 30 minutes
Daily – Use /daily to collect your daily reward. Can be used once every 24 hours.
Vote – Use /vote link to go vote for the bot & use /vote claimto claim your reward. May take up to 2 minutes for you to get your reward & has 12 hour cooldown.

Hire Employees – Use /hire to view all employees & /hire [id] to hire an employee.
Upgrades – use /upgrades to view all available upgrades & then /buy [id] to purchase the upgrades.
Advertisements – Use /advertisements to view all available ads & use /buy [id] to purchase the advertisements.
Decorations – Use /decorations  to view all available decorations & use /buy [id] to purchase your decor.

You are unable to delete your TacoShack.

You can unlock Achievements for your shack, each one will give you a reward for completing it!
You can check your achievements using /achievements, when you complete an achievement, the bot will let you know!

View the achievements here

To edit your menu, you do /menu list to see the available items. Then you choose them by doing /menu view When your hourly income increases, you unlock new menu slots which increase your hourly income.

  • Slot 1 at $0 income, gives +$150 income
  • Slot 2 at $500 income, gives +$200 income
  • Slot 3 at $1000 income, gives +$250 income
  • Slot 4 at $2500 income, gives +$300 income
  • Slot 5 at $5000 income, gives +$350 income
  • Slot 6 at $7500 income, gives +$400 income
  • Slot 7 at $10000 income, gives +$450 income
  • Slot 8 at $15000 income, gives +$500 income

Those slots can be filled with any item on the menu, but each slot has an income increase set, which means the chosen item will not affect your income. It is just to add your favorite foods to personalize your shack! There is a maximum of 8 slots.

Not currently, but we are considering it.

If the bot is offline in your Server, join our Discord Server and check #support

Use /clean once a day (every 24 hours) to keep your shack clean & your customers happy!

Happiness Levels:
😀 Happy (-0% income): Cleaning everyday
😐 Moderate (-25% income): Missing more than one day
😡 Angry (-50% income): Missing more than 5 days
🤬 Furious (-100% income): Missing more than 15 days

If anyone is having issues with the bot not sending messages in their server, you need to make sure the bot has these 7 permissions:
Read Messages
Send Messages
Manage Messages
Embed Links
Read Message History
Use External Emotes
Add Reactions

By using the bot or talking in The Official Server you can gain XP and level up. You can check your XP by using -level, and level up with -levelup. Every 5 ranks you will get an income boost & some coupons. Only active in the Support Server.

Use /expand shack to expand your shack!
Check /expand info for more information on shack expansions!

You can receive coupons from leveling up, using /daily or by voting. There is also a small chance to get coupons from working. 
To view your coupons, use /coupons & to redeem a coupon, use /redeem
Each coupon gives a random amount of money, this is just a little extra feature and makes leveling and voting more rewarding.

+100/h for joining (250/h if you’re owner)
+100/h for every 5 levels
Increased income, work & tip money depending on Franchise Upgrades
You can look in the dedicated channel in the Offical Server to find one to join!

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