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Required Permissions:
Read Messages, Send Messages, Manage Messages, Embed Links, Read Message History,
Use External Emotes, Add Reactions
Default Prefix: !
[ ]= Required | < > = Optional
helpView all TacoShack Commands
infoView info about Taco Shack
statsView TacoShack’s Stats
aliasesView command aliases
inviteGet an invite link for TacoShack
voteVote for TacoShack for a reward
prefix [new prefix]Change the prefix for your server
supportJoin the Support Server
prefixinfoDisplays the prefix for the server you are in, this works with the default prefix(!) and the server’s custom prefix
foundFound your TacoShack
shackView your TacoShack
cooldownsView your current cooldowns
upgradesView all upgrades
decoView all decorations
shopView purchasable boosts
buy [ID]Purchase an upgrade, ad, boost or decoration
employeesView all available employees
hire [id]Hire an employee
adsView all available advertisements
expand <info>Expand your shack
work Cook some tacos and make some cash
tipsCheck for tips
tasksView your daily goals
achievements <beach>View shack’s achievements
dailyCollect your daily gift
nameRename your shack
lookup [ID | Shack Name] <-stats>View another user’s shack or stats
cleanClean your shack to keep customers happy
happinessLearn about the happiness feature
truckView your taco truck
boostsView your current boosts
menu <help>View your shack’s menu or the help menu
menu edit [slot] [new item]Edit a menu slot
couponsView your coupons
redeemRedeem a coupon
overtimeWork some overtime for extra money
slogan <remove>Add a slogan to your shack
gift [@mention]Send a gift
location <help | new location> Change your shack’s location or view information
flip [heads/tails] [bet]Flip a coin
slots <bet>Play slots or help menu
scratchBuy a scratch card. Each card costs $100
blackjack [bet]Play blackjack

leaderboard <global> View tacos sold leaderboard
richest <global> View richest players
incomes <global> <beach>View income leaderboard
shifts <global>View most shifts worked
tiplb <global> View most tips collected
streak<global> View longest streak leaderboard
votestreak<global> View longest vote streak leaderboard
gs <global> View highest work streak
weekly <global> View weekly shift leaderboard
giftlb <global> View most gifts sent leaderboard

Command Description
franchiseView your franchise
f infoView franchise info
f create [tag(3 char)] [name]Create a franchise. Costs $1 million
f levelView franchise level information
f membersView members in your franchise
f donationsView members donations
f delete [name of franchise] Delete your franchise. (Type name to confirm deletion)
f transferTransfer ownership of your franchise
f changetag [new tag]Change your Franchise’s tag
f log <#channel | remove>Configure franchise log channel
f invite [@mention]Invite a user to your franchise
f kick [@mention]Kick someone from your franchise
f leaveLeave your franchise
f donate [amount]Donate to your franchise
f levelup Level up your franchise.
f upgradesView available franchise upgrades
f buy [ID]Purchase a franchise ugprade
f name [new name]Rename your franchise
f slogan [slogan | remove]Set your franchises slogan
f promote [@mention] [position]Promote a member (Positions: coowner / recruiter)
f demote [@mention] Demote a member
f memberdata [export | info] <noheaders>Export a CSV file of member’s statistics.
f logo [Image URL]Change your franchise logo
f color [Hex Code]Change your franchise color