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Support Server Rules 🔨

  • Rule #1 Do not post malicious websites or invite links. No chainmail either.
  • Rule #2 Keep cursing to the minimum.
    Rule #3 No offensive slurs, comments, or anything related. No hate speech.
  • Rule #4 Do not spam. If you are found spamming, you will be warned, muted or banned depending on the severity of it. XP farming is also not allowed.
  • Rule #5 No soliciting or advertising Discord servers, petitions, YouTube, Twitch, Fiverr etc.
  • Rule #6 Do not beg or bribe for roles, money, or XP (or anything).
  • Rule #7 Only use TacoShack commands in the play channels
  • Rule #8 No ear-rape or any inappropriate/offensive content in either songs or memes
  • Rule #9 Keep it SFW at all times
  • Rule #10 Keep the jokes mostly appropriate, do not joke about tragic events such as 9/11.
  • Rule #11 Do not abuse bugs, instead reporting them by doing -bugreport [bug] in #other-bots
  • Rule #12 If you understand English, use it, as we are unable to moderate other languages.
  • Rule #13 Respect everyone and listen to staff (do not argue with staff). If you do not agree with a staff member, ask for assistance from any higher ranked staff. Please respect staff decisions. Even if a rule is not listed here we will moderate at our discretion.
  • Rule #14 Have your name mentionable and appropriate. Do not set your name to anything that could cause a mass mention. It will be updated otherwise.
  • Rule #15 Using a bot to use TacoShack bot is considered abuse and your account will be reset if used.
  • Rule #16 No mute evading
  • Rule #17 Use common sense if you have to question something it probably won’t be allowed.
  • Rule #18 You’re not above the rules, no matter how popular or how long you have been a member.
  • Rule #19 If there is clearly staff online and active, let them do their job to avoid cluttering the channels with duplicate answers.
  • Rule #20 No unsolicited franchise advertising, which includes, but is not limited to: DMs and harassment in text channels.

TacoShack Bot Rules 🤖

  • Rule 1 No using self-bots, macros or scripts to spam game commands or exploit other commands
    • Rule 1.1 This will result in a shack reset and a ban from TacoShack servers
  • Rule 2 No using inappropriate shack names or franchise names
    • Rule 2.1 This includes offensive names and bad words
  • Rule 3 No multi-accounting.
    • Rule 3.1 You can still have more than one shack, but you can not use this to gain an advantage
    • Rule 3.2 This includes using them to gain an advantage by donating and leveling a franchise
    • Rule 3.3 Similarly, franchise boosting is not allowed.
  • Rule 4 No account sharing (multiple people using the same account)
  • Rule 5 Do not abuse bugs or exploits within the bot.
    • Rule 5.1 Failing to report bugs or exploits and using them instead will result in a data reset!