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Support Server Rules 🔨

  • Rule #1 Do not post discord invite links.
  • Rule #2 Keep cursing to the minimum and only in #tacochat and #memes.
    Rule #3 No racial slurs, racial comments, or anything related.
  • Rule #4 Do not spam. If you are found spamming, you will be warned, muted or banned depending on the severity of it. XP farming is also not allowed.
  • Rule #5 No soliciting or advertising Discord servers, YouTube, Twitch, etc. Do not post malicious links.
  • Rule #6 Do not beg for roles, money, or XP (or anything).
  • Rule #7 Only use TacoShack commands in the play channels
  • Rule #8 No ear-rape or any inappropriate/racist stuff in either songs or memes
  • Rule #9 Keep it SFW at all times
  • Rule #10 Keep the jokes mostly appropriate, do not joke about tragic events such as 9/11.
  • Rule #11 Do not abuse bugs, instead reporting them by doing -bugreport [bug] in #other-bots
  • Rule #12 If you understand English, use it, as we are unable to moderate other languages.
  • Rule #13 Respect everyone and listen to staff (do not argue with staff). If you do not agree with a staff member, ask for assistance from a higher ranked staff.
  • Rule #14 Have your name mentionable and appropriate. Do not set your name to anything that could cause a mass mention. It will be updated otherwise
  • Rule #15 Using a bot to use TacoShack bot is considered abuse and your account will be reset if used.
  • Rule #16 No mute evading
  • Rule #17 Use common sense if you have to question something it probably won’t be allowed.
  • Rule #18 You’re not above the rules, no matter how popular or how long you have been a member.
  • Rule #19 If there is clearly staff online and active, let them do their job.

TacoShack Bot Rules 🤖

  • Rule 1 No using self-bots, macros or scripts to spam game commands or exploit other commands
    Rule 1.1 This will result in a shack reset and a ban from TacoShack servers
  • Rule 2 No using inappropriate shack names or franchise names
    Rule 2.1 This includes offensive names and bad words
  • Rule 3 No multi-accounting.
    Rule 3.1 You can still have more than one shack, but you can not use this to gain an advantage
    Rule 3.2 This includes using them to gain an advantage by donating and leveling a franchise
    Rule 3.3 Similarly, franchise boosting is not allowed.
  • Rule 4 Do not abuse bugs or exploits within the bot.
    Rule 4.1 Failing to report bugs or exploits and using them instead will result in a data reset!