Manage Your Taco Shack

  • Make money by increasing your hourly income!
  • Buy upgrades to increase income!
  • Hire employees to make more tacos!
  • Work yourself to make some side cash!
  • Collect tips from the tip jar!
  • Edit your menu to attract customers!
  • Clean your Shack to keep customers happy!
  • Purchase Boosts to help increase revenue!
  • Gamble money as a side hustle!


  • Become the highest on the leaderboard by selling the most tacos!
  • Compete to become the richest player!
  • Work more shifts than any other Shack owner!

Create a Franchise

  • Join up with your friends and other shacks to create a Franchise!
  • Promote your members to new positions
  • Compete on the 4 leaderboards to become the best Franchise
  • Compete in events with your Franchise to win prizes
  • Work together to better your Franchise