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Welcome To TacoShack Franchises! 🎉

Franchises are a way for you to team up with other shacks, and they allow the following benefits:

  • +$100/hour for joining a franchise (+$250 if you own the Franchise)
  • +$100/hour for every 5 Franchise Levels
  • Access to Franchise Upgrades, which can increase income and work/tip/overtime money!
  • Ability to work Overtime to earn some extra money for you and your franchise
  • Ability to compete on Franchise Leaderboards

Creating and Managing a Franchise

You can create a Franchise using the command: /franchise create [3 letter tag] [Franchise Name]

Example: /franchise create ToS TacoShack Server Franchise

→ Franchises cost $1,000,000 to create. The 3 letter tag is used to identify your franchise.

  • Inviting Users – You can invite people to your franchise using the command /franchise member invite – which they will need to accept.
  • Kicking Members – Don’t like that person you invited? You can kick them using /franchise member kick [ID]
  • Buying Upgrades – You can also purchase upgrades for your Franchise! To view them and the perks use /franchise upgrades, and to buy them, use  /franchise buy [upgrade ID]
  • Leveling Up – You will want to Level Up your franchise to increase your Franchise income, your member cap, and your donation cap. To view your level info, use /franchise level, and once you meet the requirements you can use /franchise levelup.
  • Promoting Members – You can promote your members to help you manage your franchise! To promote a member, use /franchise member promote [@mention] [position] and to demote, use /franchise member demote [@mention or ID]!

Franchise Positions:

Co-Owner: Invite, Kick, Buy Upgrades, Level Up. Max of 1 Co-Owner
Recruiter: Invite, Kick. Max of 3, unlock a 4th at Level 10 & a 5th at Level 20.

You are welcome to advertise your Franchise in our Support Server in the channel #franchise-recruitment

Joining and Being a Member of a Franchise

If you need to find a Franchise to join, you can take a look in our Support Server in the channel #franchise-recruitment, and follow the steps from the Owner!

To help your Franchise grow it will require donations from the owner & members! To donate to your franchise, use the command /franchise donate [amount] so your Franchise can Level Up and purchase Upgrades. Working and Overtime also contributes money to your franchise!

Well done! You now have a good knowledge of franchises! To view all the commands and what you can do, head to the Commands Page, or use /franchise help. Now go on, and compete on those leaderboards!