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Welcome To TacoShack Franchises! 🎉

Franchises are an important part of running your shack, they can allow the following benefits:
💵 +100/hour for joining a franchise (+250/h if you own the Franchise)
💵 +100/hour for every 5 Levels
💰 Work overtime to earn some extra money for you and your franchise
⬇️ Increased income, work & tip money depending on Franchise Upgrades
💫 You can compete on the leaderboards

Creating and running a franchise

You can create a Franchise using the command: !f create [3 letter tag] [Franchise Name]
→ The 3 letter tag is used to identify used on the Leaderboards, for example, ToS

Eg: !f create ToS TacoShack Server Franchise : You will need $1,000,000 to do so. From there, you can invite people to your franchise using the command !f invite @mention – which they will need to accept. If you want to allow other people to invite users, you can use !f promote @mention recruiter allowing them to invite people. You are able to have up to 3, and 4 with Level 10.

Don’t like that person you invited? You can kick them using !f kick [ID]

You will want to Level Up your franchise to increase your and your members income, once you meet the requirements on !f level you can use !f levelup.

You can also purchase upgrades for your Franchise, to view them and the perks use !f upgrades and then !f buy upgradeName

You are welcome to advertise your Franchise in our Support Server in the channel #franchise-recruitment

Joining and being in a franchise

If you need to find a Franchise to join, you can take a look in our Support Server in the channel #franchise-recruitment: and follow the steps from the Owner!

To help your Franchise grow it’ll require donations from the owner & members. To donate, you should use the command !f donate [amount] so your Franchise can Level Up & purchase upgrades. Working also contributes money to your franchise!

Well done! You now have a good knowledge of franchises! To view all the commands and what you can do, use !f help. Now go on, and compete on those leaderboards!