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Welcome To TacoShack! 🎉

Thank you for using TacoShack! We hope you enjoy the bot and that this Starter Guide will get you off on the right foot.
Keep in mind that the prefix used here is !, however, your server may have a custom prefix. You can use !prefixinfo to view your current server prefix!

Getting Started

First things first, you need to start by founding your shack! If you are reading this, you most likely already have, but if not, use !found to get started. You will then get a DM with a quick summary of information about the bot.

Congrats, you officially own a Taco Shack! 

To check out your brand new shack, use !shack. This will display useful information such as your balance, income, happiness, and more.

Increasing Your Income

So now that your shack is all set up, you are gonna want to start upgrading your shack, hiring new employees and buying advertisements.

  • Upgrades – Use !upgrades to view available improvements to do to your shack. These will improve the look and functionality of your shack, giving you an increased income. Use !buy [ID] to purchase upgrades.
  • Employees – Use !employees to view available employees to hire for your shack. They will help you cook more tacos and run your shack for greater income. Use !hire [ID] to hire employees.
  • Advertisements – Use !ads to view available advertisements you can run for your shack. This will bring in more customers to help you make your maximum profits. Use !buy [ID] to purchase advertisements.
  • Decorations – Use !decorations to view available decorations. These will entice people to your shack. Use !buy [ID] to purchase decorations.

There are also boosts available for your shack, such as host a Karaoke Night or having some Live Music come to perform at your shack! Use !shop to view these boosts, and !boosts to check your active boosts.

Managing Your Shack

Despite having your new employees making tacos for you now, you should still do your part in helping out!

To cook up some tacos, use !work to make some extra cash to spend.
Collect your tips from your tip jar with !tips.

Another part of managing your shack is keeping your customers happy. Make sure to clean your shack daily, so your customers can enjoy your tacos in a nice and clean environment. Use !clean to keep that shack in tip-top shape!

You can also view edit your Shack’s Menu, using !menu. Adding items to your menu gives you more income. New slots are unlocked as your income increases.

As your hourly and balance increases, you can expand your shack to unlock more upgrades! You can use !expand info for all information about this, an use !expand when you’re ready.

Next Steps

Now that you are all set up with the basics, use !help to view the rest of the commands at your disposal!

Feel free to read our Franchise Guide next!
If you require further help, please feel free to join our Support Server!