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Customer Setup

⚠ To setup Customer you must have donated recently or pledged on Patreon, find the information here

Please wait to receive a DM from the Payments bot before setting up your Customer, it will fail otherwise. If you have pledged on Patreon, please ask in the #patreon channel in the Support Server

What is Customer?


Customer is a companion bot for TacoShack!

You can invite Customer to your own server and set him up in one (or multiple) of your channels!

Every 10-25 minutes, Customer will appear in the channel looking to sell some tacos!

There are different mini-games you can set up with Customer:

  • Sell Game – sell with a button
  • Unscramble Game – unscramble the word
  • Trivia Game – answer the correct trivia answer
  • Math Game – solve the math problem

Compete with your friends with the Customer Leaderboard and with Speed Jar, a 10 minute fast paced Customer game!